One of the Biggest Motoring Events in the South East

Southern Car Club, organisers of the biggest motoring event in the South East of England have today announced some major changes for Rallye Sunseeker 2013. The event has, for the last two years, been the opening round of the prestigious MSA British Rally Championship but for the 2013 campaign it will become the final round; with the new date being October 18th/19th 2013 in what has become a seven round Championship.

Another major change is that after 25 glorious and successful years in Bournemouth, the event will be based in Poole, where for the last three years the picturesque town has hosted the famous Friday night start on the Quayside that has drawn thousands of spectators to enjoy the Rally Start.

Competition Guarantee

Competitors keen to contest Rallye Sunseeker (23/24 th February), but who have entered either the Wyedean Forest Rally (10 th February) or the Snowman Rally (17 th February), can do so without fear of losing their entry fee in the event of a problem which precludes their participation on the opening round of the Hankook MSA Gravel Rally Championship.

The organisers of Rallye Sunseeker – Southern Car Club Ltd and Croydon & District Motor Club Ltd – are offering this guarantee : to any competitor who submits an entry for Rallye Sunseeker, with the correct fees, before the early closing date of 2nd February and then fails to finish either the Wyedean or the Snowman through either a major shunt or terminal car failure, your entry fee will be refunded IN FULL if you are forced to withdraw from Rallye Sunseeker!

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Top Ten After SS14 – Plumley Wood

  1. David Higgins/Daniel Barritt Hyundai Accent 57m55.1s
  2. Marcus Dodd/Andrew Bargery Hyundai Accent 58m26.2s
  3. Paul Bird/Ian Windress Ford Focus WRC 58m31.2s
  4. Andy Burton/John Roberts Peugeot Cosworth 58m44.6s
  5. Mark Perrott/Patrick Walsh Ford Escort WRC 58m53.9s
  6. Brendan Crealey/Steve Harris Ford Focus WRC 59m25.1s
  7. Barry Johnson/Stewart Merry Subaru Impreza 59m29.6s
  8. Roger Duckworth/M Broomfield Subaru Impreza 59m44.0s
  9. Steve Perez/Neil Dashfield Ford Focus WRC 59m58.5s
  10. Will Nicholls/Nick Broom Subaru Impreza 1h00m46.1s

What You Need to Know

The rally starts on Friday 25th February where Darren will lead the cars away. After 3 miles of competitive motoring (for everyone else) the restart is 8am on Saturday. Darren will leave the podium just before the shops shut.

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